2016  Jonathan David Whitcomb

Rhode Island Pterodactyl

“I heard a loud whooshing noise moving in the air . . . I saw a huge pterodactyl. It circled my house . . . turned its head and looked at me. I can't believe more peoploe don't report seeing them. . . . I got a good look at it and . . . I was scared. . . . This is something that people don't talk about too much." The wingspan she estimated at 16-20 feet. Umboi Island in Papua New Guinea On the northern coast are Aupwel and Kampalap,  villages where natives sometimes see the flying light  they call “ropen.” To the south are the villages of  Gomlongon and Opai. Bioluminescent Organisms Angler jellyfish, bioluminescence, cuttlefish, Dinoflagellates, earth worm, fireflies, ropen, pterosaurs, octopus, Min min light, bioluminescent fish Cryptozoology Book “To the eyewitnesses who’ve bravely come forward,  telling us of apparent living pterosaurs, I dedicate  this book. They deserve to be heard.” [from the Acknowledgements in this nonfiction cryptozoology paperback book] Destination Truth Adventure, danger, enlightenment—those I experienced half a year later, sitting in my living room, delighting in the ropen-episode of Destination Truth. [Jonathan Whitcomb was interviewed (not on television) by the production team before their expedition in Papua New Guinea.]
Map of Live Pterosaur
“Revolutionary as they seem, the ideas presented in this . . . site relate mostly to eyewitness  accounts: real- life encounters with creatures called  ‘prehistoric’ or ‘pterodactyl-like.’”
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Comparing the ideas of Jack Pettigrew and Fred Silcock - strange flying lights seen in some areas of Australia
Sketch by Patty Carson, who saw this flying creature at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, (Gitmo) in 1965